Film Free and Easy – Christmas Cracker
CALL OUT for projected work to ‘Bring and Show’

We are now collecting material for the next Film Free and Easy on Thursday 3 December, the last Film Free & Easy of the year.

This event takes place over one evening in the studios and public spaces of Primary .

Email your submission to moc.l1532331634iamg@1532331634ysaed1532331634naeer1532331634fmlif1532331634 before Wednesday  25 November if you would like to take part.

This slideshow by Reece Straw gives you a feel of the nature of the event or view #filmfreeandeasy on Instagram.

As before we are particularly keen to encourage contributions in any format, which includes performance and installation & archival work. We will do our utmost to accommodate any medium (film, digital, VHS, slide, live webcast).

Please include in your email a short description of what you want to do and show, including duration and medium. We are looking for anything that can be projected or shown on a screen, from shadow puppets to CGI spectaculars, and are keen to see experimental proposals.

Please note that you are expected to bring along anything you want to show and be there in person during the evening.

If you have nothing to show, don’t worry, just come along to the event and enjoy.


Film Free and Easy is an event devised by artists at Primary to explore new ways of showing moving-image works. Within this one-night installation across the various spaces at Primary, different material will be shown respecting its original media, projected or screened using different devices and settings.

The structure of the event is based on the audience bringing along the material that will be shown. Accommodating any type of material that can be projected or displayed on a screen, including documentary, art film, feature, commercial, installations, live manipulated image, sound work, old TV, documentation, personal material, phone videos, slides, compilations or fragments. No restriction is placed on the materials.

The programme for each night will be assembled from what is submitted. The principle of respect for material will be observed throughout: Super 8 film will be projected on a film projector, VHS on an age appropriate monitor or projector, HD video on a digital projector etc.

The call out for material will be two weeks before each event.


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