David Ersser
Preview: 5 November, 19:00-21:00
6 November – 18 December 2015

Mrs Rick’s Cupboard is pleased to invite you to our next exhibition, ‘STUFF’ by David Ersser.

“Making artwork inevitably means ending up with a lot of things that need storing, and this situation is particularly evident if making sculpture.
Alongside completed pieces that sit on display waiting for studio visits, other works are perhaps unfinished for a time while their creative problems are resolved. Sometimes a work, for whatever reason, is unlikely to ever be shown, but you just can’t quite bring yourself to throw it away.”

For ‘Mrs Rick’s Cupboard’, Ersser has decided to rehouse work that has been stored in the studio, some things for many years, and use the space as new storage for them, albeit only temporarily.

At the heart of his practice is an engagement with still life sculpture, drawing and, most significantly, observation. Ersser is interested in objects that are commonplace, mundane and overlooked. Everyday things that may be useful and practical are accepted for their purpose, but they surround us without being fully appreciated. Through his sculptural practice he aims to show that these objects are engaging in their own right and deserve recognition above and beyond the quotidian.

For his exhibition, work made 10 years ago will nestle alongside recently finished pieces, and works that were never intended to be placed together will sit side by side, or on top of each other. By bringing together work from the beginning of his practice and that which has only recently been finished, the resulting installation ends up as a sort of mini retrospective, one which has no structure and languishes in chaos.

For any enquiries please email.

Mrs Rick’s Cupboard is open every Friday from November 6th – December 18th 2015, 12:00 – 16:00

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