Film Free and Easy
Thursday 22 October, 19.30 – 22.00

The bakery opens at 19.30 for pizza and more.
Screenings start at 20.00, no entry after 20.15.

Film Free and Easy is an event devised by artists at Primary to explore new ways of showing moving-image works. Within this one-night installation across the various spaces at Primary, different material will be shown respecting their original media, projected or screened using different devices and settings. This edition features holograms, super 8, soundworks, digital videos, found footage – and everything in between.

It is also a chance to catch up on the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition which will stay open that night.

The structure of the event is based on the audience bringing along the material that will be shown.

Featuring work brought by: Sara Bonaventura, Craig Parr, Jane Wheat, Kirsty Birtwistle, Sue Ansell, Emily Simpson, Claire Davies,,Laura O’connor, Emily Warner and Gavin Rogers, Frank Abbott, Yelena Popova, Wayne Burrows, Reece Straw, Julian Hughes, Amir Ghazi-Noory, Yvonne Lake, Andrew Pepper.

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