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Into the Future: Workshops & Seminar
11 – 12 September
Broadway / Nottingham Hackspace

Who makes The Future?
Is imagining The Future a political act?
Can speculation be revolutionary? 

This two-day event led by the …And Beyond Institute for Future Research, is the culmination of the ABIFR’s Intersections commission at Primary.

Join us on Friday for two workshops, which utilise a shared science fiction narrative to construct alternative visions of the future, through object making and storytelling.

Saturday’s seminar  - with guest artists and thinkers  - examines the way ideas of Utopia and Dystopia shape constructions of the Future in popular culture; and explores propositions for the future of our relationships with technology, each other and ourselves.

You can book to attend each workshop or the seminar separately, or buy a combined ticket for the two days. Please see full listings below.

Ticket prices: Workshops £5 each / Seminar £10
Combined tickets: One workshop + seminar £13 / Both workshops + seminar: £15

Friday 11 September: Workshops

Two workshops lead by the ABIFR, which utilise a shared science fiction narrative to construct alternative visions of the future, through object making and storytelling. The results of the workshops will be shared during the seminar on Saturday.

Some point in the future.

Humanity has left the Earth, headed towards an unknown destination, on a series of Spaceships. Communication between ships is periodic. Families are scattered amongst the ships – no one knows whether they will ever see their loved ones again. The main form of communication is via capsules, sent from ship to ship. Some capsules may never reach their intended destination.

Practical workshop 11am – 1pm, £5
Nottingham Hackspace, Unit F6 BizSpace, Roden House Business Centre, NG3 1JH

You receive a capsule from another ship, sent through Space. The capsule includes several objects of unknown origin. Something is broken. It is essential that you fix it and send the capsule on to the next ship. There is no manual.

This experimental workshop – led by the women of the …And Beyond Institute for Future Research’s Nottingham branch – offers the rare opportunity to work with a range of materials and resources, including a laser cutter, electronic components and thermoplastic.

Lunch will be provided and there is an opportunity to continue making into the afternoon.

Writing workshop, 3pm – 5pm, £5
Broadway, 14 – 18 Broad Street, NG1 3AL

You receive a capsule from another ship, sent through Space. The capsule contains unidentified objects that have been worked on by other members of the Ship’s crew. What are they? What do they do? Do they pose a threat – or an opportunity – to the survival of the species?

This creative writing workshop – led by the women of ...And Beyond Institute for Future Research’s Nottingham branch – uses Design Fiction techniques to create speculative narratives of the Future.

Refreshments will be provided.

Saturday 12 September 11am – 4.30pm: ‘Into the Future’ Seminar, £10
Broadway, 14 – 18 Broad Street, NG1 3AL

As the culmination of the …And Beyond Institute for Future Research Intersections commission at Primary, this seminar explores how our ideas of the future are culturally constructed and asks what new forms collective imaginings of the future might take.

How are notions of Utopia and Dystopia related and why do they form the basis of the way the Future is constructed in popular culture?

What kind of Speculative Relationships can we envisage for the future – with ourselves, our families and society as a whole?

What are the political implications of imagining the future?

Featuring presentations and case studies from guest artists and thinkers, and open discussion, the seminar will take the form of a live event simultaneously taking place at Broadway, broadcast online and via twitter.

Contributors include: Ibtisam Ahmed (University of Nottingham), David Bell, Kei Kreutler (unMonestry), Sarah Gold and Tammy Nicholls (Games Workshop)

Follow this link for the full seminar schedule.

Ticket price includes lunch.

Limited seating. 

For live broadcast, please visit thisistomorrow.info/broadcasts

Twitter @AndBeyondInst

With thanks to the women of ABIFR Nottingham: Angela Martinez Dy, Lori Amor, Mariel Rodart, Pepita Stringer, Sarah Martindale and Tatiana Styliari, and Yitong Huang for working with us to develop prototypes.

This event is produced by Primary, with kind support from Near Now, Broadway and Horizon Research Institute.

The Intersections programme is kindly supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

For any enquiries please email gro.y1529287291ramir1529287291perae1529287291w@tra1529287291nieb.1529287291acceb1529287291er1529287291



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