Film Free and Easy
Thursday 13 August, 20:00-22:00

Film Free and Easy is an event devised by artists at Primary to explore new ways of showing moving-image works. Within this one-night installation across the various spaces at Primary, different material will be shown respecting their original media, projected or screened using different devices and settings.

The structure of the event is based on the audience bringing along the material that will be shown.

Already confirmed:

‘Mega Armageddon Death – Long Version’, a series of one-minute long videos curated by Nathaniel Mellors. Contributed by Simon Raven

‘Buster Keaton sings Free and Easy’, contributed by Frank Abbott (who will also be screening ‘a fag’)

A video showreel including ‘Sensational’ (Amir Ghazi-Noory), ‘Little Turnip’ (Colette Griffin) ‘Harmonica’ (Priya Mistry and David Wilson Clarke), and ‘Interceptor’ (Antonietta Sacco).

Also Machinima contributed by Richard Brown, Super 8 from Julian Hughes, CRT VHS video projection from Jim Brouwer, installation with Super8 and CRT monitors from Thomas Kilby, installed projection by Victoria Hall, and three monitor pieces by Yvonne Lake.

Further artists will be confirmed as soon we get details.

The Small Food Bakery will be open and refreshments on offer.


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