Image: Mimi Winsor

Hutt: Mimi Winsor – MacGuffin
11 July – 7 August
Preview: 10 July 18:00 – 21:00
Opening times: Thursday – Saturday 12:00 – 18:00 

Opening Friday 10th July, the month long show titled ‘MacGuffin’ exhibits artist Mimi Winsor’s fantastical sculptural inventions at Hutt Collective.

Inspired by the concept of a ‘MacGuffin’, Winsor presents a series of visually enticing yet absurd “Things”. The term describes a desired object or motivation device used within a story to drive the plot.

Using vibrant colours, succulent textures and contrasting forms, Winsor creates playful sculptures that are somehow familiar yet defy precise definition, triggering the imagination. Winsor’s work explores the relationship between people and objects. Her previous endeavors include designing an interactive installation for Tate Britain, creating a production line of giant iced gem biscuits, extruding 1 tonne of pink matter through a series of curiously engineered contraptions and building a large wind propelled sculpture on the banks of the river Thames.

Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2013 with her award winning degree show, Winsor has had two solo London shows. Her last exhibition was hailed by Time Out as one of ‘the best shows in London’. She is currently working towards her upcoming group exhibitions in the USA and Singapore. Her previous work includes commissions for the Tate, Discovery Channel, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, Ovalhouse Theatre, End of the Road Festival and Frontier Economics.

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