'All the art reviews published in 1999 in the UK: a seance' , by Kathryn Cooper, 2012

Acting Out Nottingham 2015
Kathryn Cooper
Research focused Residency with Rampton Secure Hospital

This new residency, conceived by Primary and PSY, will support a project engaging with the discourses that surround the use of arts in psychiatric contexts. The residency asks the artist to look at the history of how secure healthcare has engaged with art and artists and vice versa, especially in the light of previous and existing experiments with art and performance, ranging from therapeutic, socially engaged to expressive work.

Kathryn Cooper will explore the legacy of the Artist Placement Group archives at Tate Britain and look into the history of the way in which art has been used within the hospital.

Cooper’s research residency as part of Acting Out Nottingham 2015, will look at what legacy and impact can be felt today from APG’s activities, with a particular interest in the function of Rampton as a symbolic space, as an environment for individuals deemed to pose a high risk to society. Cooper is also interested in how the hospital architecture functions both for those within and without in relation to theories of social and institutional space that have shifted over the last forty years.

'Union, Contact, Connect: Gesture Perfection Class', by Kathryn Cooper, 2012, Photo by Julian Hughes. Click for - 'Hatch Twelve: Kathryn Cooper - Review' by Wayne Burrows

Details of further events alongside the residency will be announced on the website.

The residency is conceived by PSY – Acting Out Nottingham with Primary, and funded by Art Council England and the University of the Arts London.

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