'How to Open my Eyes?' (detail), Moving Stones, 2014 Belén Cerezo. Image courtesy of the artist.

Moving Stills
Belén Cerezo
Wednesday 25 March, 16:30 

Moving Stills is a ‘research exhibition’ resulting from the practice-led doctoral research ‘What is it “to move” a photograph? Artistic tactics for destabilising and transforming images’. This exhibition examines how images function, undertaking an innovative performative approach that explores the space in-between images, criss-crosses the margins and touches photographs. The works make evident a form of ‘affective encountering’ of images which acknowledges their materiality.

Belén Cerezo is an artist-photographer who has just completed a practice-led PhD at Nottingham Trent University. Within her practice and research, photography operates as the guiding notion to explore the muteness, the lack of innocence and the codification of photographs and how images mediate our experience when they are also mediated by other images. Her practice enquiries into consumerism and the current relationship between place and culture characterised by displacement. She is also interested in art education and currently she is an associate lecturer in Photography at NTU. Belén Cerezo published the photo-book Somewhere Better, Nowhere Better in 2009. She had a solo exhibition Plastic People at CAB, Burgos, Spain, in 2008 and she has taken part in several international collective exhibitions.

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