Benedict Drew, 'Dyslexic Shanty' (2014) Photo: Sinéad Bligh

Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor. Three events in February feature Dirty Electronics, Benedict Drew and Rammel Club.

Reactor Halls E12: Ugly Weekender
Dirty Electronics
Saturday 14 February, 19:00

A 24-hour retreat exploring DIY electronics, sound and design will produce the content for this performance. Dirty Electronics’ Ugly Weekender will take a macroscopic approach towards electronic circuits, playing out the forms and investigating shapes and patterns latent in their design. “The most difficult challenges for designers of electronic objects now lie…in the realms of metaphysics, poetry, and aesthetics…” With: John Richards, Alexandra Moon-Age, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Natalie Kay-Thatcher, John Fass, Jim Frize, Phillip Henderson, et al.

Reactor Halls E13: Salon dyslexic
Benedict Drew & friends
Saturday 21 February, 19:00

An event that attempts to tackle the anxiety and neurosis generated from the condition of dyslexia. Imagining this condition as an academic shantytown, out of which a radicalised position may emerge in opposition to a world evermore dominated by text.

Reactor Halls E14: Cables
Rammel Club
Saturday 28 February, 14:00-23:00

A cable is more than a mere length of wire. It is a trail to be followed, tracing a line between two points, or a meshwork of interwoven threads. Rammel Club will present installations, workshops and performances that explore the electronic aspects of auditory arts and collaborative improvisation. With: A.N.T. Attack, [D-C], Dale Cornish, Experimental Sonic Machines, Ian Watson, Marlo Eggplant, Melanie O’Dubshlaine, Mormor Den Rejsende, Murray Royston-Ward (contact mic surgery), Phantom Chips, Phil Julian and Trans/Human.

Reactor Halls E12–E14 are supported by Arts Council England.

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