Rampton Secure Hospital

Rampton Secure Hospital – Acting Out Nottingham 2015
Research focused Residency
April / May 2015
Call now open for artists living in the Midlands, UK

Due to the specific focus of this unique residency, interest in the connections between mental health and art, as well as experience in working with archival material is essential. Applications can be for research- focused projects.

Deadline for applications: Friday the 20 March 2015

This new part-time residency, conceived by Rampton Hospital, Primary, and Acting Out Nottingham 2015, will support an art research project engaging with the discourses that surround art within psychiatric contexts, projects looking at the history of how artists have engaged with the politics of closed institutions, and conversely how closed institutions have engaged with art and artists, specially in light of previous and existing experiments with art and performance ranging from therapeutic, socially engaged and expressive work.

Rampton Secure Hospital is a high security hospital that houses about 400 patients who have been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 under the criteria of “mental disorder”. The research-based residency will primarily focus on the legacy of artists’ engagement with Rampton Secure Hospital and similar institutions, and will not include any contact with patients.

We are looking for experimental and context-specific proposals for projects or research to be developed in collaboration with Rampton Secure Hospital with the aim to research one or more of following points:

- The history of the way in which artists and or art has been used within the hospital.
- How theories of space in relation to Mental Health has been put into action or discussed within the institution.
- Legacies of artists’ involvement within closed institutions, such as Ian Breakwell and the Artist Placement Group’s engagement with Broadmoor and Rampton hospitals. (Documents relating to these relationships are held in the Tate Archive in London)

The residency comprises:

- Access to Rampton Secure Hospital
- Opportunity to interview selected staff from Rampton Hospital
- Access to spaces at Primary for the duration of the residency (to be agreed with artist)
- A platform to present research at Primary and Rampton Hospital as part of Acting Out Nottingham 2015
- Administrative and curatorial support from Primary and Acting Out Nottingham 2015
- A total budget to cover all costs of £1200

For further information and to apply please download full information here 

The residency is funded by Art Council England and the University of the Arts London.

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