Hutt’s Grand Opening: Harry Hurlock
17 January – 5 February
Preview: Friday 16 January 18:00 – 20:00

Harry Hurlock’s work centralises around a sarcastic irreverence of contemporary art. Using archetypal and clichéd artistic language to redefine the role of an artist as one of a court-jester; both ridiculing and legitimising the absurdity of pretentious self-expression.

By using misappropriated images of protest and outrage, he defines the limited capacity of contemporary art practise to affect real-world change as mere self-importance and pretence. In satirising expressionism and the ridiculousness of catharsis in art, it becomes a discussion of the commodification of art and the internet age, image sharing presents us with depravity and horror to the point of desensitisation in a constant stream.

The Hutt Collective consists of Ciarán Harrington, Joe Rowley and Rebecca Scofield.

Opening times: Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6pm

For any enquiries please contact moc.l1529287303iamg@1529287303evitc1529287303elloc1529287303ttuh1529287303

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