This week sees the opening of a new site specific sculpture by Primary resident artist Caroline Locke at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Locke has a well established relationship with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park having carried out a residency at the park in 2012 which culminated in the interactive installation Sound Fountains, exhibited in the parks 18th century chapel. Sound Fountains pass sound waves through water, allowing the viewer to ‘see’ sound. The sculpture opening at YSP this week is entitled The Frequency of Trees and is comprised of a series of 14 tuning forks tuned to the frequency of different trees within YSP. By measuring the number of times a branch or leaf on a tree moved a certain distance within a set time frame, Locke has been able to equate tree movements with Hertz readings, the unit used to measure sound. Visitors are invited to strike the tuning forks using the three beaters positioned around them then experience the resonating frequencies that continue long after the initial strike.

Caroline Locke has been described as one of the UK’s most innovative interdisciplinary artists. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is widely known for her large-scale installation works. Working with water, sculptural devices, new and old technology, sound, video and live elements, Locke makes works that are often sited in public spaces as well as in galleries and performance venues. Water and vibration are recurrent themes within her recent practice.

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