ABIFR, Nottingham. Photo: Ben Harriott

Commission #2:  ‘…And Beyond Institute for Future Research’
January – September

For the second Intersections commission, Primary invites the ‘…And Beyond Institute for Future Research’ to temporarily base its operations in the city of Nottingham.

The ‘…And Beyond Institute for Future Research’ is a peripatetic, performative think tank led by artist Sonya Dyer, which positions women as progenitors of a future Space Programme. The ‘…And Beyond Institute for Future Research’ uses the model of the think tank as artistic proposition, engaged with the practice of research as a public act and creating visions of possible futures.

Who makes The Future?
Have our imaginations been stolen by the forces of neo-liberalism?
Is imagining The Future a political act?

At Primary, the project aims to develop a team of women who are interested in working towards the creation of this Space Programme, through the radical act of claiming the right to imagine the future, and working together to envisage it.

The ABIFR is actively recruiting women to work collectively to imagine the most exciting, radical vision of The Future they can. It is looking for women from all walks of life – from elders to teenagers, call centre workers to scientists, shop assistants to academics, comic book fans to futurologists – to bring their knowledge, passion and experience to the task.

Drawing on the illustrious – yet undervalued – history of women’s contribution to the construction of our shared human future, in fact and fiction (including such luminaries as Sally Ride, Lt Nyota Uhura, Dr Mae Jemison, Dr Ryan Stone, and Sunita Williams) the ABIFR’s mission is to place women’s labour at the forefront of the Space Race.

By considering space travel as the ultimate expression of the potential of the human collective imagination, this project aims to inspire women to think about ideas, issues and dreams that relate to their lives on a monumental scale. How could our ideas challenge what is deemed important when building community? How might we live differently? What would it truly mean to start again? What kind of future could we will into being?

The A B I F R imagines The Future as a destination. How might we get there?

Email: moc.l1594086413iamg@1594086413tsnid1594086413noyeb1594086413dna1594086413

Twitter: @AndBeyondInst

In March, Sonya Dyer gave a press conference, presenting research from the ‘…And Beyond Institute for Future Research’ and featuring it’s first infomercial. Visit the page for documentation.

Listen to an interview with Sonya that was broadcast on Kemet FM here:

With thanks to the women of ABIFR Nottingham: Angela Martinez Dy, Lori Amor, Mariel Rodart, Pepita Stringer, Sarah Martindale (pictured above) and Tatiana Styliari.

Intersections is an ongoing strand of commissions that expands our activity beyond the boundaries of the building, engaging with people and places in the local area. Each project extends an invitation to individuals and communities to share and explore specific sets of knowledge, in connection to artists’ research and production processes.

The Intersections programme is kindly supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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