Shana Moulton, 'SPF 2012' (2013)

Shana Moulton, Performances
Saturday 24 January & Thursday 12 February, 20:00

The final commission within Multiple points in this crude landscape, has seen Shana Moulton undertake a period-in-residence at Primary and concludes with two performances that use the space in distinct ways.

Shana is a New York based artist whose work explores the life of her alter ego Cynthia – a hypochondriac woman – who is constantly seeking relief from her anxieties and in the process of which, is searching for transcendental or mystical experiences. As she takes this journey towards personal growth and wellbeing, Cynthia’s interactions with her surroundings and the objects she encounters flicker between the everyday and the magical.

The set, video and sculptural costumes developed during the residency, combine and collide to create an altered world for Cynthia to inhabit. The objects, both made and found, create Cynthia’s virtual and physical world, framing her actions and behaviour, and performing as characters themselves. Banal medical and orthopaedic devices become uncanny, open up portals into parallel worlds, and present the opportunity for further spiritual exploration.

In these two distinct performances, the first fills the space with a single-channel projection, whilst the second transforms the spatial architecture through a constructed set for a new multi-channel projection. Between these two performance-chapters further narratives and associations will emerge, exploring Cynthia’s continued journey.

These performances takes place as part of the final commission for ‘Multiple points in this crude landscape’. Rather than presenting a singular outcome, Shana’s time at Primary will be punctuated by a series of events that share and reveal different aspects of her working process.

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