The first Intersections commission has been in the research phase for the past few months, and will be becoming more visible over the winter. Artists and hairdressers, Richard Houguez and Rachael Young have been visiting salons in the local area and have developed a relationship with six hairdressers – interviewing them, observing their hairdressing practice, and the spaces they’ve created. This research phase will feed into a series of public outcomes over the winter, which the artists are currently developing.

Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 & Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 November

Alongside their commission for Primary, Richard and Rachael were invited to produce a related project for the New Art Exchange: ‘Crowns of Confidence’. These workshops will be taking place on the weekends of 8-9 and 15-16 November – book a place through the New Art Exchange website.

Two related events that NAE have programmed, which also feature the artists:

Film screening, Friday 24 October, 7pm (£5)
A screening of ‘The Fade’ – with an introductory panel discussion with Roshni Belakavadi and Richard Houguez.

Panel discussion, Saturday 22 November, 12-2pm
‘Untangling the Politics of Black Hair’: Panel discussion, chaired by Hannah Pool, with Emma Dabiri, Lorna Holder, Honey Williams and Rachael Young.

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