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Sean Edwards

31 October – 12 December 2014
Private View: 30 October 2014 19.00 – 21.00

Sean Edwards’ considers the former use of ‘Mrs Rick’s Cupboard’ as a storage space as a proposition for his exhibition. “I got to thinking about how the cupboard was built as a class room store cupboard. I don’t know if it was an art room, but regardless it has a relationship to that idea of the store cupboard, the place where all those new clean materials are stored. And I thought about my memories of the art store cupboard as a kid. There was this kind of aura around that cupboard, and all of the new pens, pencils and paper contained within. All that potential.” He has invited the artist, and curator of Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, Craig Fisher to store and display the artists ‘new materials’ within the space, which are in fact a collection of ‘in progress’ objects from his studio. What is particularly interesting here is the fact that the artist has given someone else the responsibility of choosing where and how these materials are stored.

Edwards’ work investigates the sculptural potential of the everyday, often using remnants of previous activities as a starting point. In many of the works there is a sense of objects being in-progress, indeterminate and open to change. They function like propositions; the audience is invited to play a part in its creation. The completion is only ever realised in the exhibition environment which undermines the perception of the gallery as a space for fully achieved artworks closed to further development. The works always intentionally hold within themselves a sense of failure, often through the impoverished materials and techniques used. The seemingly incidental and casual nature of the work is a defining characteristic. Its origins traverse the bridge between studio and gallery and it is in this complex yet intrinsic relationship that Edwards’ practice lies. Using a cross-disciplinary approach Edwards’ practice can encompass installation, sculpture, film, artist books and photography.

For all enquiries please email moc.d1529287501raobp1529287501uCskc1529287501iRsrM1529287501@ofni1529287501

Exhibition open every Friday 12.00 – 16.00

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