Achim Lengerer, 'The Trotsky Rehearsals' (2013)

In Conversation #2
Rowan Geddis (Gasworks) & Louise Briggs (Glasgow Sculpture Studios)
Sunday 27 July, 15:00

The second event in this series will pair Gasworks with Glasgow Sculpture Studios, to explore the way that residencies function within these two organisations.Together we will question the expectations of an artist’s residency – whether it is focused on process, research or production – and also consider the potentials for the artist, the organisation, and various publics involved in this work.

Rowan Geddis (Residencies Programmer) will discuss Gasworks’ summer programme for 2013 – Situation|Event, a two-month long undertaking that explored artists’ working processes through live practice. To exemplify the programme, Rowan has invited artist Achim Lengerer to revisit materials from his project The Trotsky Rehearsals; where Achim performed together with guests, in open public rehearsals, various forms of historical documents about the controversial reception of the play Trotsky in Exile by Peter Weiss. During the project at Gasworks the fragile potential of the unresolved, the unfinished, the in-the-making – which identifies the rehearsal as a format – was laid open and performed with, or in front of, a smaller or larger public. With the benefit of a year’s hindsight, the two intend to use this opportunity to reflect upon the programme – assessing its successes and its failings – as it seems only fitting that any critique of a project intended to bring artistic process into the public realm, should itself be constructed with an audience.

Louise Briggs (Programme Coordinator) will discuss how the residencies have developed at Glasgow Sculpture Studios (GSS) since 2008, when the organisation began to integrate residencies into their public programme as a way of making the most of their particular structure – which combines production facilities, artist studios and a gallery programme.To consider the work of the organisation more holistically, Louise has invited Simon Worthington (Technician) and Danny Holcroft (artist and GSS studio holder) to join her in discussing the impact the residencies have had on their individual roles, work and relationships with GSS.The residencies at GSS have developed to take on various forms, including artist exchanges and self-funded projects, alongside curated Production Residencies with Beagles & Ramsay, Siobhán Hapaska, Christine Borland, Jimmie Durham, Teresa Margolles, Haegue Yang, and Gareth Moore.


This strand of activity will invite two guests to physically present something that demonstrates an aspect of their organisation’s working approach. These events are framed by a set of Paravent Crates – a type of folding screen – that can be reconfigured to divide the project spaces at Primary in a variety of ways. This structural device, along with what each organisation presents, provides an environment to hold this ‘in conversation’ event.

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