Michael Bowdidge, 'Space Invaders'

Space Invaders
Michael Bowdidge
14 June – 12 July  2014
Preview: 13 June, 18:00-21:00

New sculptures and digital prints from Michael Bowdidge.

Space Invaders showcases recent new work by Michael Bowdidge that explores the limits of representation, the creative possibilities of Meccano and fishing line and the vital potential of self-adhesive googly eyes. Made specifically for this show at Mik’s Front Room, a space which is part working studio, part gallery, and part physical blog, the work takes as its starting point Richard Hall’s suggestion that contemporary sculpture has as its fundamental mission the invasion of space.

Taken literally, this notion spawned a series of small sculptures and an accompanying cycle of digital images that were inspired equally by space toys, cartoon aliens and the instant bestowal of ‘life’ and ‘character’ that the addition of googly eyes to almost anything instantly confers.

The work also seeks to embody a sculptural stance that is the direct descendant of Max Ernst’s notion of ‘Whisky-Marine’, and Wittgenstein’s philosophical strategies of displacement in that they are (to quote Ernst) ‘humorous and very serious at the same time’ and very much driven by ‘the effects of a systematic putting out of place’.

Michael will also be premièring a new audio piece at the opening on the 13 June: ‘Beyond The Solo Cistern’ is a multi-tracked sound sculpture constructed from a field recording of a dripping cistern in Norfolk last summer. Really.

Michael Bowdidge is an artist and educator who lives in Scotland. He received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 for a practice-based thesis that dealt with Wittgenstein and assemblage. He is currently a faculty member at Transart Institute and a consultant artist at WHALE Arts. He also needs to spend much less time on Ebay looking for vintage Meccano than he currently does.

Opening Times: Saturdays 12 – 6 pm and by appointment

Mik’s Front Room at PRIMARY (aka Mik’s studio)
33 Seely Road, Nottingham NG7 1NU
07523 201091



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