Performing Materials, Sculptures and Gestures

Performing Materials, Sculptures and Gestures
Saturday 24 May, 12:00–16:00

Performing Materials, Sculptures and Gestures is a participatory and experimental workshop led by Primary residents Kashif Nadim Chaudry and Rebecca Gamble. Through a series of actions, gestures and performance we will play with the physical qualities and potentials of materials, objects and sculptures. Nadim and Rebecca share an interest in the performative properties of sculptures, and recently collaborated, together with dressmaker Genelva Meikle, to create a gastronomic performance involving a wearable sculptural garment.

For this workshop the artists will provide a number of objects, materials and invitation/instruction cards for use, and also invite participants to bring anything they wish to test out. The experimental workshop will culminate with short individual/collective action-performances to camera. This documentation will be the product of the workshop, which will be given to participants to keep.

Free. Booking is required for this workshop, as spaces are limited.

Participants are encouraged to bring any objects or materials they want to test out or invite others to use, a pack lunch and documentation equipment such as phones, cameras, dictaphones.

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