Continuing with the successful series of discreet presentations at PRIMARY, Display 8 presents the work of Nottingham Trent University student, Wain Marriott.

“The objects and scenarios that I fabricate almost represent something. They’re offered to the viewer as an opportunity to apply their own visual representation. Within the work the Initial observation often at first deceives the audience into thinking that they may be observing something they’re familiar with. However, a steady revelation gives a closer insight into the work. The objects represent an idea or a thought of how I consider something to be. Working in sculpture and installation the objects are made to scale and so give the feeling of being “life sized”. I am interested in how the scale of a work can lead an audience to believe that something isn’t what they want it to be. There is a moment of collapse in the work right before the viewer discovers the physics of it. As the work implies something that they’re familiar with it creates a glitch which momentarily suspends the disbelief. I employ both virtual and actual elements within the work in order to create this cyclic occurrence. The overall impression from my work is based around the notion of the cyclic moment and yet there is this feeling of two halves that meet at specific points. The construct meets the incidental until they are pulled from one another and the cycle is completed again.”

Display 8: open by appointment only

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