Sarah Jane Terry takes a process driven approach she experimented with smashing discarded china ornaments to pieces and intuitively reassembling them. These fragments are reinvented in a series of hybrid tragicomic characters with an absurd and haunting presence, suggesting unknowable mythological narratives as if they are mysterious archaeological finds.

Ornaments are part of the drama of sentimentality and distinction played out by the objects in our lives and they are often used in films and literature to highlight moments of psychological tension. Creating hybrids from these loaded objects engages the imagination in considering new possibilities.

Referring to a collection of found poems written by a Victorian relative, Sarah has used the display cases to create a new work involving simultaneous scenes, as the forms of the cases suggest to her spectres of miniature theatres. The imaginary hybrid beings relate to an ongoing project involving works on paper. From these she has developed mysterious props and scenery, casting the figures in environments which invite a variety of possible interpretations.

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