For those who missed this special event and first UK performance of Francachela Teatro with Peccata Minuta, hosted by Hatch at Primary on 3rd November, here is a visual treat for you of what happened in some of our spaces.

Peccata Minuta is a sensory journey through human weakness and a world of secret desires, by Spanish theatre company, Francachela Teatro. Hatch presented the first performance to UK audiences on 3rd November 2013, with a matinee and evening performance at Primary.

The audience were taken on a journey guided by an attraction to the forbidden, a celebration of hidden passions, and the idea of sin. The trip took audiences on a tour of different rooms, bringing them face-to-face with their innermost desires. A hidden universe of sound, smell, and touch, Peccata Minuta explores the fine line between pleasure and prohibition, excess and joy, and celebrates the pleasure of walking the path of sin.

Francachela Teatro was established in 2008 by a group of performers with extensive theatrical backgrounds, across multiple European cities. The group is committed to producing cutting edge performances in unusual spaces, and to achieving an intimate relationship with viewers, while offering an experience that renews the ritual of stage performance. This is theatre that simultaneously challenges preconceptions and entertains.

Hatch would like to thank Primary, The Nottingham Playhouse and Dance4 for supporting this event. the activity is part of  Hatch: Connects and supported by Arts Council England.

Photographs by Julian Hughes. To view more information and images go to the Hatch Website and Flickr.

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