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Present within Display the ‘Speaking in tongues’ work continues my interpretive enquiry into the nature of visual language and prospects my continuing dialogue with the dematerialisation of Art (within my practice). The work considers ‘otherness’ and the unfamiliar, the artist travels delicately and lightly; with little by way of material baggage he becomes self-reliant, producing work in the moment…all his experiences are contained within the material. In the case of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ a physical object can be temporarily created and I have the possibility of returning the hardened material back into a state of mutability should I elevate, develop and retain the unfired, un-made option. It is an art that may suggest the primitive, a work in an infancy…why I do what I do may not always be self evident or clearly understood…I do not necessarily move forward with foresight, I move forward not knowing where the next step shall take me.

If the aforementioned is my generic ‘de-fault’ position for the SiT works, then these ‘decorative’ interpretations are a departure from the more rudimentary work produced (under the auspicious title, ‘Speaking in Tongues’). Several factors emerge (to aid navigation); the works vitality is present in three interchanges (Acts 1, 2 & 3). The first act is, ‘intension’ (my volition), the second act is the period in which the substance (having been released from my grasp) temporarily arcs in the ether. The third act considers the repercussion (after the fall).

Notes from, ‘Speaking in Tongues and how to enjoy them.’

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