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PRIMARY has secured funding to support an art programme working with national and international artists.

PRIMARY is delighted to announce the successful grant award of £110K from Arts Council England. This major award goes towards supporting our second phase of development, which focuses on two complementary strands – the delivery of a critically engaged contemporary art programme for the wider public and the resources necessary to implement this.

Whilst work is already underway, this important development for the organisation will be marked by the first public preview of our new programme in March 2014. With artists’ commissions at its core, the programme will significantly develop the scope of the organisation’s work. Artists from the UK and abroad will be invited to research, make and present work at PRIMARY, where we will provide them with a unique combination of space, time and curatorial support to realise substantial new projects that will have a lasting impact on their work. By placing emphasis on process, we believe that this approach will create fertile conditions for experimentation and speculation, and in turn reveal the production of ideas and artwork to a wider audience.

As well as developing a strong reputation artistically through this programme, PRIMARY intends to develop a role as an integral part of the diverse communities that make up our unique locality. To achieve these aims current Development Director Michelle Bowen has been joined by our new Programme Curator Niki Russell, and an Engagement Curator will be recruited to join the team later this year. Together they will work with a range of artists, challenging them to extend the scope of their work and encouraging them to take risks by opening up the production of art to audiences. PRIMARY will also seek other local and national partners with which to collaborate with and commission work.

PRIMARY is in a timely position to grow its activities, having quickly positioned itself as a key artist-led organisation with strong foundations – which supports over thirty selected resident artists to produce work – it is now essential for us to capitalise on this position by delivering a programme for the public. This award demonstrates a significant commitment to the artist-led sector in Nottingham, which will enable PRIMARY to develop sustainability and unlock the true potential of the site through an ambitious programme that will extend the ways we work with artists and audiences.

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