Over the next year PRIMARY artists present Old Skool Breaks, a series of events and exhibitions happening every month in the public spaces of the building and featuring two Primary artists together.
Here they are, chosen through a random process of selection

Belen Cerezo/Rachel Jacobs July 2013
Tom Godfrey/Rebecca Gamble August 2013
Georgina Barney/Chie Hosaka September 2013
Nadim Chaudry/REACTOR October 2013
Wayne Burrows/Simon Raven November 2013
Frank Abbott/Lauren O’Grady December 2013
Chris Lewis-Jones/Yelena Popova January 2014
Mik Godley/Rebecca Bienart February 2014
Craig Fisher/Michael Pinchbeck March 2014
Debra Swann/Simon Withers April 2014
Rhiannon Slade/TETHER May 2014
Rebecca Lee/Frank Kent June 2014

PRIMARY will also be inviting discussion around each show, and we will keep you updated about what each event will be on our website and Facebook pages but expect well planned harmony- an aesthetic clash -or a re-mastering of expectations?


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