Image – Lucy Hodgkiss, Display 2

Following on from the successful “Display 1′ by resident artist Simon Raven. Primary is happy to have selected Nottingham Trent University student Lucy Hodgkiss for Display 2. Her practice deals with notions of, Checking, Ticking, Signing, Waiting, Investing, Turning, Sizing, Hiding, Breaking Cramming, Inventing, Observing, Adding up, Marking, Noting, Arranging, Reckoning, Leaning, Dillydallying, Timing, Storytelling, Singing, Walking, Recopying, Rereading, Crossing Out, Re-writing, Dictating, Transcribing. Often these activities happen in and around libraries, libraries appear to her, to be a microcosm with their own set of rules devoted to enforced quietness, intellectual application and physical inactivity. Laborious, repetitive tasks are often brought to the forefront of her practice exploring ideas of authorship, failure and temporality.

So the next time you are visiting PRIMARY please take time to see and enjoy the work on Display 2. On show from June 10th 2013

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