Resident PRIMARY artist Belén Cerezo was selected for a residency commission for FORMAT 13, in collaboration with Synapse Arts. LIVING WATER is a new two-channel video projection and sound installation produced by the artist Belén Cerezo. Through the image, through the moving images and through the sound, this work explores the issue of labour and its historical developments, taking as a starting point the Industrial heritage of Derby. In one of the projections Cerezo examines archival imagery, in particular a photographic album commissioned by Ley’s Malleable Castings, a heavy industry company with a long history in Derby. This album specifically shows the workers at work in 1928. Cerezo filmed it in Derby Local Studies Library with a hand-held video camera. In the other projection, Cerezo encounters the river Derwent from the riverbank and from navigating through Google Earth. The river is seen as an industrial endeavour and it also appears as an evocative metaphor for the flow and turbulence of life. Finally, it is sound. A field sound recording of a school lesson overlaps in parallel the moving images to reflect upon the sociological and political relevance of education, as part of what has been called immaterial labour by Hardt. Within this project, all the elements are in movement, creating unexpected dialogues and resonances between them.
Belén Cerezo wants to thank Nottingham Trent University, Derby Local Studies Library and St. Peter’s School in Ruddington. for making this work possible.

FREE Artist Talk: Belen will be talking about her project on 13th March, 5:30pm at Artcore, 3 Charnwood Street. Derby where her work is on show.

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