For ‘Mrs Ricks’ second exhibition ‘Means of Escape’, Emma Talbot shows a group of recent drawings, made in response to the confined space of ‘Mrs Rick’s Cupboard’.
The walk-in space reminded Talbot of John Fowles’s novel ‘The Collector’, the story of a stalker who kidnaps an art student and keeps her in a cell. The striking subject of the novel is that both characters escape reality through obsessive attachments either to others or through making drawings. The exhibition includes Talbot’s drawings of imagined scenes from the book together with drawings based on her own real life events. The drawings explore the phenomenon of mental escape through imagination and mind control. In keeping with the subject of much of Talbot’s work, the non-linear sequence of multiple images aims to mirror the way our memories interject our present experience and our ability to connect disparate experiences through reverie.

Emma Talbot is an artist based in London, UK.

Recent solo exhibitions ‘Bad Objects, Little Deaths’ Transition Gallery, London (2012), ‘You Would Cry Too If It Happened to You’ Galerie Kusseneers, Belgium (2011), The Solo Project, Basel, (2011). Recent Group Exhibitions: The John Moores Painting Prize 2012, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (2012), ‘Me and My Shadow’ Kate MacGarry, London (2011), ‘Told’ Hales Gallery, London (2011) and ‘The Life of The Mind’ New Art Gallery, Walsall, (2011).

Dates – 1 March – 3 May 2013

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