‘Primary Colours’ by Bobby Sayers will be on show from 7 Dec 2012 – 25 Jan 2013 ( closed Christmas and New Year bank holidays)

Sayers works mainly in sculpture and photography, though recent works have also employed initial sketches that are converted into vinyl drawings and applied directly to gallery walls. His work often plays on the relationship between the ‘digital and physical’, which is highlighted by the materials and processes he uses. “I am interested in the ‘now’. I explore what is usually seen as peripheral, focusing on visuals that we are constantly engaged with on a day-to-day basis but that we may overlook.”

Sayers takes direct reference from objects, signs and architecture: abstracting and transforming them into sculptural works that force the viewer to reconsider connotations of shape, form, texture and colour. He challenges the viewer to take a journey with him, to take a second look and perhaps see something beautiful. Using his smart phone and widely available technology such as Instagram to produce work Sayers considers the relevance of these methods in relation to how we record and perceive the world around us. The process between digital and physical becomes exposed, revealing and expanding the works context. Bobby Sayers is a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University (2012) from the BA(Hons) Fine Art course. Recent exhibitions include, ‘Be Real’, Hanmi Gallery London, ‘Reveal’, Daniel Libenskinde Space, London and ‘Berlin Start-up Garage’ Hoxton Garage Project, London. Sayers has also been selected for ‘EM12’ which is a selection of graduate work from the east midlands region at Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

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