PRIMARY are excited to be working with BJCEM, (BJCEM, Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée), who are an international network founded in Sarajevo, in July 2001. The Network is composed by 61 members from 20 Countries gathering Cultural Institutions as well as Independent Organizations and the aim of the Association is to create opportunities for the young artists to produce and showcase their works and to support their mobility and learning process.

For WEYA, BJCEM will present Disorder, a project curated by Marco Trulli and Claudio Zecchi and developed by BJCEM with more than 50 members and partners of its network. Disorder will offer the possibility to enjoy in a single city, Nottingham, the works of more than 100 artists coming from 30 different Countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area (among them Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Syria).
The topic Disorder is meant in its positive meaning, as the potential of transformation and the creation of transition, as a reference to a crisis or a friction state that leads to a moment of changing and shifting from a phase to another.

On Saturday September 8th, a Disorder event will take place at Primary from 12.00 – 6pm of live performances, concerts and readings.The Disorder Event is a sort of “art party” where the arts interact and contaminate each other and where, through their works, the artists will create a festive atmosphere and interaction with the audience in a dimension of exchange of creative energy. There will also be some great food as well, La Pain a la Main are going to be selling some of their wonderful patisserie on the day, lots of FAB flavours ….cherry and pistachio, chocolate and pear. if you haven’t got a sweet tooth there will also be some freshly baked rolls and quiches. So lots of lovely tantalising morsels to tempt you all

A dedicated blog ( will cover the event, with posts on the project and on the artists and all the updated news.

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