Saturday 8th September 12.00 – 18.00
PRIMARY will be hosting a plethora of music and spoken word from across the world . Artists include French writer Leila Anis, “I write my words in single file, no hour no word counts more than the others, the words are like days, they roar then drown themselves in the surf”. Mahmoud Mansi ( image above) an Egyptian artist who writes in English, but is inspired by his Egyptian culture, by humanity, by politics and the economic world. Antonio Santo Orcero whose main theme is the clash between conflicting worlds, change and crisis. Throughout the ‘Disorder’ event visual artists will be on site. Andrea Luth will make sketches on paper, Marco Cecotto will use a hacked circuit board with optical sensors and light to make a audio visual performance. Fokus Grupa will present a series of drawings entitled ‘Maddalena, Rehersal for Statementship and Moussa Sarr will present a 5min performance titled ‘Les musicians de Bremes’

Visitors will be able to enjoy some fine wine, artisan bread & good food which will be available from Primary’s new upcoming artisan bakery ‘Le Pain a la Main’

For full WEYA programme details please go to:-
twitter @weya2012

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