An auction taking place from a secret room inside Mike Nelson’s Coral Reef, songs about potato smiles and classic a Classic Hitchcockian suspense all feature in the latest event produced by Tether, live from the Caretaker’s House at Primary Studios and live online.

The event takes place on May 29, the date Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire (1453), the first annual meeting of the secretive Bilderberg group took place (1954) and Dennis Hopper died (2010).

#May29 places diverse happenings or ephemera alongside each other, in a non-linear format. Tether have invited Birmingham Art Zine to present a new performance alongside Les Malheureux, a unique collaboration between flash fiction writers David Gaffney and Sarah-Clare Conlon.

The event includes the first UK presentation of work by Mavis Enron of California, DJ sets from Hello Thor & Simon Raven and a brand new cocktail created to celebrate the occasion.

The event will be preceded by a live stream of a sold out discussion between graphic novelists Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie, taking place at Nottingham Contemporary in relation to the James Gillray exhibition. The discussion will be presented on a large projection screen in the hall at Primary.

The event at Primary begins at 7pm. To book a space for this, visit

#May29 will also be broadcast live online, Tuesday 29 May, 9pm BST at

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